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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

by mistake

NATO by mistake bombed civilians in Tripolis. They apologized: “Must have been a mistake in our weapon-program...”

The police by mistake throw tear-gas and shot with water-cannons on school classes in Stuttgart. “Must have been a mistake in our methods...”

The secret police of Assad killed protesters. “By mistake our weapons were loaded...”

A north-german customer bought sprouts in a bakery. “It might have been a mistake?”

A jounalist by mistake wrote an anti-Semitic article. “Must be a mistake in my software?”

Manchester United by mistake took a goal. “Must have been wrong positions of our defenders?”

A girl by mistake invited the whole (facebook-) world to her birthday-party. “It was a misclick!”

A Turkish police commander raped a young woman. “It was a mistake in our interrrogation methods!”

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