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Monday, February 21, 2011


Today police responded violently to the protesters in Libya. It seems, the whole country is on fire. At least 200 people have been shot, as sources say. How important is it, that news spread out. The whole protests would be nearly for nothing without media (and more and more the internet is getting important).
Big petrol reserves are situated just in these countries “on fire”. The prize fort he barrel knew new heights today. What will “the west” do? Are we not very relaying on eastern petrol? Though we have to support the tyrants there?.
I would like it to be a real revolution in all those countries (Morocco reached the crowd of “protesters” today). What will it turn out? I dont want new religious regimes like in Iran there…..
Foreigners fled out of Libya today. I saw an airplane to ─░stanbul on Euronews today. We worked for a Turkish-Arab Company, someone said. This company is not existing anymore. From the government in Ankara: no reaction. Not a word.

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  1. Gaddhafis son: ""We will keep fighting until the last man standing, even to the last woman standing ... we will not leave Libya to the Italians or the Turks.