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Monday, March 28, 2011

Libya. Questions

  • Did Gaddafi give money to have Sarkosy elected? Why dont the French Left mentions it?
  • If the western powers interfere in Libya, where will they interfere next?
  • Turning the question: would they interfere somewhere, where no petrol is to be found?
  • Why do all the western powers suddenly hate Gaddafi? Didn’t they trade with him?
  • Who is the Libyan opposition? Will there be democracy?
  • How much costs a “Tomahawk”-cruising missile? Isn’t it needed to fire them sometimes?
  • Who is killing civilians?
  • Isn’t the NATO a defence-treaty? And why are they not ashamed to attac?
  • How have the relations between Gaddafi and Berlusconi been? Why does Italy neglect its (unlucky) african past?
  • Why did Obama get the Peace-Nobel-Price?

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